30/70 - ‘Cold Radish Coma’ [mastering]

Alice Ivy - 'Get Me A Drink (ft. E^st & Charlie Threads)' [mastering]

Alta - 'Plans' [additional production]

Annie Bass - ‘Thrown Away / Counting All’ [mixing]

Asdasfr Bawd - ‘Underpass EP’ [mastering]

Au Dre - ‘Wanna Know’ [mastering]

Auguste - 'Siren Sounds' [mixing]

Banoffee - 'With Her' (Chad Valley Remix) [mastering]

Biond - ‘Immortalised’ [mixing]

Buoy - ‘Break EP’ [mixing, mastering]

Charlie Lim - 'Nothing More Cruel' [production]

Charlie XCX - 'Need Ur Love' (Japanese Wallpaper Remix) [mixing]

Christopher Port - 'Before' [mixing]

Comedown Party - ‘Sentimental’ [mixing, mastering]

Connor - 'Around You ft. Krue / Fragile' [mixing + mastering]

Curves - 'All Made Up' [mixing]

CVIRO x GXNXVS - ‘Now You Know EP’ [mastering]

Deer - ‘Patience’ [mixing]

Elaska - ‘Outside In’ [mixing]

Emilo Mercuri - ‘Ride’ [mixing]

Esese - ‘Far / Home / Get Off’ [mastering]

Fractures - 'Time Frame' (Saatsuma Remix) [mixing]

Francesca Gonzales - 'Memories' [mixing + mastering]

The Harpoons - ‘Amaro’ [vocal engineering]

Huntly - ‘Feel Better Or Stop Trying EP’ [mastering]

Imogen Cygler - ‘Trivialise Me’ [mastering]

Jaala - ‘Hard Hold / Salt Shaker’ [mastering]

Jack Grace - ‘Slow Burn’ [mastering]

Jai Piccone - ‘Care EP’ [mastering]

Kalacoma - 'Kaleidoscoper' [mastering]

KEZRA - ‘Better Place’ [mixing]

Kllo - ‘Cusp EP’ [writing, production, mixing]

KLP - ‘Until I Find You’ [mixing]

KLP - ‘Under The Influence’

Leisure Suite - 'Closer' [mixing]

Liahona - 'Kiss Your Favourite Part Of Me' [mixing]

LUCIANBLOMKAMP - 'Bad Faith' [viny; mastering]

Lupa J - ‘Drift’ [mixing]

Martin King - 'The Way We Crush' [mixing]

Megan Washington - ‘Claws (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)’ [mixing]

Mihra - ‘Girl and Her Symbols’ [mixing]

Minorfauna - ‘Myself’ [mastering]

Nearly Oratorio - 'Tin' [writing, production, mixing]

Polographia - 'Sly (Fortunes. Remix)' [mastering]

Seavera - 'A Different Kind Of Sadness' [mixing]

SHouse - 'Text Apology' [mastering]

Shouse - 'Without You' [mastering]

Take Your Time - 'Sleep In' [mastering]

UV boi فوق بنفسجي - 'LUV EP' [mastering]

UV boi فوق بنفسجي - 'Returned Alone EP' [mastering]